Introduction of Major Job

We create new value with the best expertise.


The IT tasks are promoting IT planning, system establishment/operation, and digital transformation to advance the business, and are creating a digital culture so that new digital technologies can be used by themselves through digital reskilling.

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Job details introduction

IT Planning

We plan investment, purchase, and operation strategies necessary to establish mid- to long-term IT strategies to achieve business goals and improve operations.

Operation of Infrastructure

Based on our expertise in IT infrastructure (H/W, S/W, network, security, etc.), we are responsible for the stable operation of the system and the advancement of the IT infrastructure.

System Development

We analyze the requirements for a new IT system through the process of IT projects and support the development and stabilization of the implemented IT system.

Promotion of Digital Transformation

We discover DT technologies that can be implemented through trend analysis of DT technologies. Responsible for digitalization of each business office and various new digital technology education support activities.

“We need convergence talents with strong technical capabilities,
understanding of Biz and domains, detailed problem awareness, and the ability to learn new technologies.”

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Kim Young-Hun Team Leader