Logistics Service

We provide the customized solution to the customer with system-based integrated logistics service.

Best Service Specialized in Automotive Part Logistics

HL Holdings provides the optimal logistics service based on a specialized system for auto parts and a global network.
Stable service is possible through strategic partnerships with major companies, and we have a supply system that
enables timely delivery JIT (Just In Time) and JIS (Just In Sequence) according to customers production plans.

Transportation Logistics

HL Holdings provides One-stop logistics service based on domestic and overseas network and strategic partnership.

Import and Export Logistics

HL Holdings provides customized import/ export logistics services tailored to the characteristics of customers and cargo.
From receiving orders fromoverseas customers to international transportation and customs clearance, one-stop door-to-door delivery is possible without complicated processes.

First, we provide stable logistics service to our customers based on our global network.  
Second, we have dedicated managers for each country to provide real-time communication between the customers and the suppliers.  
Third, with the solid logistics knowledge, we provide an optimal integrated solution to suit characteristics of customers and cargo. 

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Domestic Transportation

HL Holdings maximizes the time- and cost efficiency with the optimal transport routing and mode design. Particularly, as a company specialized in automotive logistics, we provide the competitive service to our customers based on large regular cargo volume that transports the products manufactured in domestic to the domestic complete car manufacturer and module company.

First, based on the regular cargo volume, we provide the stable transport service with competitive price.  
Second, we provide 100% satisfaction to customers’ needs with customized transportation routing and mode design.  

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