Mobility Service

We make convenient and safe “Mobility” with world-class technical skills and network.

Make moving fun and safe, Mobility Infortainment • Tuning

Based on the expertise accumulated in the automotive part market, HL Holdings occupies solid position
in the back box and automotive accessory market,through expanding its competence
to new businesses in diverse areas linked to car connectivity and automobile.

  • Black box
    Black Box
  • Safety System
    Safety System
  • After Blow
    After Blow
  • LED Head Lamp
    LED Head Lamp
  • Navigation
  • Car Accessory
    Car Accessory

Sales/Service Network

With the establishment of a nationwide sales/service network, we are operating a 24-hour customer satisfaction service by introducing an offline contact point with customers as well as an AI system for consulting support.

Branch Information화살표 이미지
Sales/Service Network
  • Authorized dealerAuthorized dealer
  • ustomer ServiceCustomer Service Center
  • Installation ShopInstallation Shop

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Integrating technology of ‘HL Mando’, HL Holdings provides tuning parts to aftermarket.
As High-Performance Brake System, SDC(Smart Damping Control) System, Suspension System, we are optimized customer style and car characteristics to further upgrade performance.
In addition, aiming the rapidly growing recent camping/leisure market, we are expanding a pleasant lifestyle utilizing automobiles by handing diverse products that passed the complicated finished car (HKMC) quality standards.

Products for Tuning
  • Brake System
    Brake System
  • Suspension
  • Smart Damping Control (SDC)
    Smart Damping Control (SDC)
  • ECS10
Products for Leisure
  • Tow Bar
    Tow Bar
  • Cross bar
    Cross Bar
  • Bike carrier
    Bike Carrier
  • Bike carrier
    Bike Carrier

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