Mobility Service

We make convenient and safe “Mobility” with world-class technical skills and network.

Business for Automotive Parts Distribution

We secure a strong global distribution network and global sourcing competitiveness, and provide customers with a variety of items including steering, suspension, braking, climate control, as well as EV.
Sub-business including domestic genuine part distribution, imported car part service, global aftermarket part distribution.

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Global Distribution of Automotive Parts

As the “HL Mando” brand, which has been awarded the the National Brand Grand Prize for 10 consecutive years since 2012, we are providing aftermarket parts all over the world.

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Infotainment • Tuning

We are leading the next generation automotive accessory market integrated with cutting-edge technologies such as navigation, black box and tuning parts.

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Fleet Management

In the rapidly evolving rental car & sharing market, Fleet Total Service has provided in all the areas from the delivery of new vehicles to scrap vehicles. 

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