Sustainable Management Report

We pursue sustainable growth with right mind and manner.

ESG is the word referring to Environment, Social and Governance and HL Holdings makes effort to achieve the long-term sustainable growth by protecting the environment and human rights, fulfilling the social responsibilities and enhancing the transparency and integrity for the sustainable management

HL Holding Dividend Payment Status터치 아이콘

HL Holding Dividend Payment Status HL Holding Dividend Payment Status
HL Holding Dividend Payment Status
Fiscal Year 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Total Dividends 133 billion won 144 billion won 210 billion won 209 billion won 202 billion won 198 billion won
Dividend Rate 2.10% 2.20% 4.60% 4.40% 5.30% 4.20%
Type of Dividend Cash Dividend

※ ※ Propensity to Dividend = Total dividends /Consolidate Net Income (Controlling Stockholder’s stake)
※ ※ Dividend Rate = Dividend per Stock / Year end stock price

History of ESG Rating

History of ESG Rating
Assessed Year Integrated Rating Environment Social Governance
2023 통합등급A 환경 A+ 사회 A+ 지배구조 A
2022 통합등급B+ 환경 B+ 사회 A 지배구조 B+
2021 통합등급 A 환경 B 사회 A+ 지배구조 A
2020 통합등급 B+ 환경 B 사회 B+ 지배구조 A
2019 통합등급 B+ 환경 B 사회 B+ 지배구조 B+
2018 통합등급 B+ 환경 C 사회 A 지배구조 B+
2017 통합등급 C 환경 C 사회 C 지배구조 B
2016 통합등급 B 환경 C 사회 B 지배구조 B+

Assessment institution: KCGS (Korea Corporate Governance Service)Go to KCGS바로가기 아이콘