Corporate Overview

Beloved company and outstanding and strong global company

HL Holdings connects the values for better future of the customer. 

As a holding company that leads the improvement of company and stockholder value of Hall Group, HL Holdings engages in
businesses such as mobility service, logistics service, cold chain service, etc.
In addition, it draws the bigger future of HL Holdings through new business discovery and diversification of business portfolio.  
The key of HL Holdings’ business is “the connection”. We would like to provide new value to customer through “the connection”.
We understand the limitless higher life of customer by innovating what are familiar and by connecting what are unknown.

Company Status

Date of Foundation
Date of Foundation



2trillion 295 billion

(As of 2021)

1trillion 41.2 billion

(As of 2021)

255 persons

(Global 716 persons)



Control group
Control group
Dividend /Earning of brand trademark rights
Dividend /Earning of brand trademark rights

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Mobility Service
Mobility Service
With the world-class technical
skills and network, It creates convenient
and safe “mobility”.
  • Mobility Part
  • Infortainment · Tuning
  • Fleet Management
Logistics Service
Logistics Service
With the system-based integrated
logistics services It provides customized solution
to the customer.
  • Automotive part logistics
  • Module service
Cold Chain Service
Cold Chain Service
With the cutting-edge infrastructure
and system it provides
the best ‘freshness’.
  • Cold and Frozen Logistic Service
It discovers new future and connects
it with the customer value.
  • New business discovery ㆍinvestment

ESG Rating of KCGS (Korea Corporate Governance Service)

As a results of the review of corporate ESG management status by the Korea Corporate Governance Service in 2021, HL Holding was evaluated as an overall grade A. HL Holdings will expand the cooperation with ESG-related external agency as a part of advanced sustainable management system.

  • Integration Integration
  • Environment Environment
  • Society Society
  • Governance Governance

ESG 등급이력 표이며 평가년도, 통합등급, 환경 (Environment), 사회(Social),지배구조 (Governance)를 확인할 수 있습니다.
Assessed Year Integrated Rating Environment Social Governance
2023 통합등급A 환경 A+ 사회 A+ 지배구조 A
2022 통합등급B+ 환경 B+ 사회 A 지배구조 B+
2021 통합등급 A 환경 B 사회 A+ 지배구조 A
2020 통합등급 B+ 환경 B 사회 B+ 지배구조 A
2019 통합등급 B+ 환경 B 사회 B+ 지배구조 B+
2018 통합등급 B+ 환경 C 사회 A 지배구조 B+
2017 통합등급 C 환경 C 사회 C 지배구조 B
2016 통합등급 B 환경 C 사회 B 지배구조 B+

Assessment institution : KCGS (Korea Corporate Governance)    Go to KCGS바로가기 아이콘