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Logistics • Cold Chain Logistics

Logistics and cold chain are to establish business strategy using HL Holdings’ domestic and overseas logistics network and design logistics for global SCM optimization. Based on our logistics competitiveness, we are in charge of providing logistics services (2PL, 3PL, CKD, module, consulting) specialized for customers and cargo types.
In addition, based on our new refrigeration center, we provide cold chain services for customers who need low-temperature distribution services.

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Job details introduction

Logistics Planning

For mid-to-long-term perspective, we manage supply chain operations and establish logistics bases to optimize our supply chain system. It is also responsible for planning logistics services to optimize transportation and inventory management.

Logistics Purchase

It establishes the most efficient sourcing strategy considering the characteristics of purchased products, and it is responsible for response to uncertainty during supply process to minimize risks and managing costs and quality.

Logistics Sales

It provides optimal transportation routes and competitive fares based on analysis of customer needs and products, and also propose customized logistics services for customer by securing lead time.

Logistics Operation

It is responsible for warehousing, inventory management, general and multimodal transportation, packaging, and partner management. It allows our logistic process can be executed as planned.

Cold Logistics Service Sales

Based on the new refrigeration center, we can plan and extend new business (3PL, Finance, etc.) for new customer that need services.

Cold Logistics Operation

We stably operate refrigeration and freezing facilities and manage our partners to maintain the quality of the stored cargo and extend the expiration.

“You need the ability to present solutions to customers based on the expertise of yourself and the company.”

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