Cold Chain Service

We make the best freshness with cutting-edge infrastructures and systems.

Business Area

We present new paradigm of cold and frozen storage industry in Korea by providing customized cold and frozen logistics service that satisfy diverse needs of customer around the cutting-edge refrigeration center designed with the up-to-date facilities and domestic distribution/logistics network. Our main business areas are distribution, financing, transportation and delivery 3PL cold chain based on the refrigeration and refrigeration storage business. In addition, we are gradually expanding our business area.

halla_symbolCold Storage Business
  • Transport and Delivery Logistics Business
  • Building Network
  • Storage/Inventory Management/Transport/Delivery Logistic Agency
  • Distribution and Processing
  • Customs Clearance/Quarantine Agency
  • Synergy of Cold Chain Base
    • - Central base of Gyeongbu and Jungbu line
  • Secured the largest domestic infrastructure
  • Loan for security fund of stored goods
  • Operating fund support service
  • Subject to marine/livestock products
  • Logistics consulting
    • - Build infrastructures (structure, location, facilities)
    • - Establishment of management strategy
    • - Efficient cold chain logistics
  • Wholesale and retail of cold and frozen food materials
  • Purchase/sales of marine products at production site
  • Expand distribution and supply chain

Cold and freezing storage-based logistics servie

  • Rent the cold and freezing storage

    Rent the cold and freezing storage

  • Manage and operate the cold and freezing storage  

    Manage and operate the cold and freezing storage  

    • Largest cold and frozen logistics center in capital region
    • Pleasant workspace and maximization of work efficiency
    • Rapid entry and withdrawal are possible
    • Installed the dock that maximizes the cargo handling capability
  • Customs Clearance and Quarantine Agency

    Customs Clearance and Quarantine Agency

  • Logistics Consulting

    Logistics Consulting

Business Site

  • HL Holdings Dongtan Cold Chain Center

    As a cold and frozen logistics center with 102,571.9 m2 located at ‘Dongtan Logistics Complex’, which is the center of logistics in new capital region, it is equipped with cutting-edge facilities and fire prevention system. In addition, as it is located adjacent to IC around Gyeongbu Expressway, it is easy to access and perform the role of hinterland logistics base of the consumer city having 10 million consumers within 35 Km radius.
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  • HL Holdings Gonjiam Cold Chain Center

    Located 5km away from Gonjiam IC, it is possible to enter major metropolitan traffic network such as Gyeongbu and Yeongdong Expressway, etc. through Jungbu Expressway and Seoicheon IC and it is the complex logistics center that can ship twice a day and provide the cold and frozen storage service and the room temperature operation.
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  • HL Holdings Pyeongtaek Cold Chain Center

    As a refrigeration and refrigeration logistics center with excellent port access and inland connectivity, it is responsible for storing government stockpile and serving as a hub for the southern Gyeonggi region connecting the metropolitan area and provinces.
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