Mobility Service

We make convenient and safe “Mobility” with world-class technical skills and network.

The Best Distribution Network, Advanced logistics System

We maintain strong foothold by distributing Genuine parts as a distribution company specialized in automotive aftermarket part for 40 years.
We are preparing for a better future as a leader in the domestic automotive parts distribution industry.

Major Product

Radar(Front/Corner) / Front Camera
Suspension System
Strut / Shock Absorber
Steering System
Steering Gear / Wheel / Column
Thermal System
HVAC / Cooling Module
Generator / Starter
Brake System
ABS / Parking Brake / Caliper

Domestic Sales Network

  • Distribute around 72,000 genuine HKMC parts

    We are expanding ADAS and EV items
  • Advanced distribution/inventory management system

    Channeling System, AI Forecasting, WMS
  • 30 domestic distribution networks specialized in automotive parts

    Enable to supply parts to 1,200 dealers across the country in real-time
  • 세종물류센터 세종물류센터
  • Possess largest domestic logistics center

    Land Area: 66,787㎡ (= equivalent size to 10 times the soccer fields)
    Operating Area: 38,770㎡
    Enable docking 41 trucks simultaneously (including 8 exclusive docks for containers)
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