Ethics management

Transparent and correctly, Jeong-do management is our root.

Jeong-do management System

Jungdo management is the foundation spirit of Hall Group and pride. As a core value
applied commonly to HL Group and subsidiaries, Jeong-do management of HL Holdings leads the creation of future value of transparent enterprise management.

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Introduction of Jeong-do management

Jeong-do management is the foundation spirit and pride of HL Group. HL Group complies with the law and system of country and society together with the creation of profits, makes effort to be honest to the customer and to increase the rights and benefits of the stockholder and pursues the coexistence and co-prosperity through the fair trade with the partner company. In addition, we provide the worthwhile and happiness to the executives and employees and fulfill the social responsibility and duty for stakeholders.

HL Group completes righteously in the clean and transparent manner and pursues the sustainable management enterprise having strong competitiveness based on the trust. Ethics means always doing right thing even when nobody watches. The executives and employees having pride of being HL member always fulfill the business correctly and fairly under the sincerity, faithfulness and honesty and comply with reasonable rules and procedures and disclose the process and results confidently through the transparent business performance.

Based on the transparent and correct decision making faithful to the principle and basics,
compete openly and squarely and fulfill the social responsibilities and duties

  • Jeong-do

    정도경영 Not to do anything that should
    not be done and shady
  • Transparent

    투명경영 To inform precise information
    to the members and
    to share the same information

Vision of Jeong-do management

Culture that the principle and basics are accepted

Everybody may commit mistake but should not out of the principle of ethics and transparency.
One should make the criteria to be followed, observe them and should review constantly.
정도경영 : 하지 말아야 할 떳떳하지 못한 일을 하지 않는 것, 투명경영 : 정확한 정보를 구성원들에게 알려 동일한 정보를 공유하는 것

4 Major Principles of Jeong-do management

4 Major Principles

  • Transparent Management Transparent Management Elimination of illegality and corruption
  • Risk Prevention in Advance Risk Prevention in Advance Advanced prevention and reinforcement of Guiding Activity
  • >Global Standard Global Standard Advancement of management level
  • Compliance Compliance Compliance with related law
4대원칙 : 투명경영 - 부정ㆍ비리 척결, Risk 사전차단 - 사전예방과 지도활동 강화, Global Standard - 관리 수준 선진화, Compliance - 관련 법규 자율 준수

Compliance Management

HL Group enacted the internal control criteria to enhance the law-abiding consciousness and to manage the law-breaking risk of the executive and employee and is applying them to all the management activities, and performs the detailed management activities such as diagnosis, inspection, education, consultation, etc. for settling down of compliance management.

Compliance Management Policy

HL Group enacted the internal control criteria to enhance the law-abiding consciousness and to manage the law-breaking risk of the executive and employee and is applying them to all the management activities, and performs the detailed management activities such as diagnosis, inspection, education, consultation, etc. for settling down of compliance management. It recognizes the compliance as an essential factor for sustainable management of the enterprise, and built the compliance and ethical management practice management system in the relations with the stakeholder such as executive and employee, customer, partner company, etc. It enacted the rule of ethics and the code of conduct and takes them as criteria of value judgment and criteria of acts for HL Group’s executive and employee and the partner company.

In addition, the compliance officer was appointed in the board of directors for the compliance control of HL Group and the compliance officer takes in charge of status of law and regulations, compliance, litigation management, etc. in the office of legal affairs. In addition, to perform compliance and ethical management efficiently, it prepared the risk management system and prevents the illegal and unethical issue by standardizing the contract and internal control procedure.

Implementation of Ethical Management

  • Guidelines

    We prepare the rule of ethics, which is the criteria for correct action and value judgment to be observed by all the stakeholders and to perform the rule of ethics substantially, we take it as a criteria of ethical decision making and action by specifying the specific range of tolerance and criteria in the code of conduct.

  • Education and Campaign

    We support in order to understand and practice the Jeong-do management such as rule of ethics, anti-corruption, fair trade, information security, various law violation risks, etc. by managing the Jeong-do management education program for the members and partner companies.

  • Expansion of Self-purification Ability through Participation

    We are managing the online channel so that the executives and employees and external stakeholder can report the unfair transaction, rule of ethics and the violation of guidelines.
    WE guarantee the anonymity of reporter and prohibit strictly the disadvantage and discrimination due to report.

사이버 감사실

사이버감사실을 통해 익명성이 보장되는 윤리규범 및 지침 위반 행위에 대한 신고제도 운영

  • 금품, 향응 수수 행위
  • 회사 자산과 정보의 부당유출 및 활용 행위
  • 불공정거래 행위
  • 문서(계수)의 허위 작성/보고 행위
  • 기타 정도경영에 위배되는 행위 등

제보자 보호
제보자의 신분은 비공개로 처리합니다. 제보자가 어떠한 불이익을 받지 않도록 모든 노력을 다할 것입니다.

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Code of Ethics
We, HL, respect people and contribute to the nation and the society on the foundation of “HL’s Integrity”, our founding spirit. We will maximize public interest through effective and moral business activities while creating our future. We pledge to develop into a leading global company by pursuing common interest with stakeholders on the foundation of mutual trust and collaboration. Trust, we establish code of ethics as criteria for upstanding conduct and value judgment for HL employees, partners, and stakeholders, and we pledge to practice the code of ethics.
Chapter 1 Responsibility for Nation and Society

HL grows into beloved company by sincerely fulfilling social duties.

  • 1We respect values that are approved by laws, traditions, custom, culture and society. We pursue common prosperity and development through reasonable business activities.
  • We abide by all local regulations and counting standards at home and abroad, on international agreements and business activities regarding human rights, environment, culture and economy.
  • We contribute to the economic development of the nation by creating jobs and faithful tax payment and also contribute to local community by faithfully fulfilling company’s social responsibilities.
Chapter 2 Responsibility for Customers

Recognizing customer satisfaction is the foundation of the company’s development, and we respect customers’ rights and make effort to increase their value.

  • We gain customers’ trust by maintaining sincerity and faithfulness, while protection their information, and keeping promises.
  • We actualize customer satisfaction by respecting customers’ opinions and offering reasonable prices through generation excellent quality and service with technology.
  • We do not jeopardize customers’ interest with immoral conduct.
Chapter 3 Responsibility for Shareholders

We make every effort to respect shareholders’ opinions and increase their rights and investment value.

  • We respect the rights of shareholders and investors, and allow investment to be managed reasonably by effectively administrating risk management system and internal control system.
  • We timely provide necessary information for decision-making for management by building responsibility management system. We secure shareholders’ trust by observing related procedure.
Chapter 4 Fair Competition and Trading

All trades must be made freely and fairly under equal participating opportunities. Through this, in a long term, common development is pursued by building mutual trust and cooperation.

  • We respect competitor’s fair rights and consider the competitive relationship as an opportunity to develop mutually.
  • We respect competitor’s fair rights and consider the competitive relationship as an opportunity to develop mutually.
  • All trades should be conducted on the basis of mutual trust and cooperation. Trading conditions and process should be discussed and necessary information should be provided in advance.
  • All trades with partner companies should be exercised fairly with equal participation opportunities guaranteed and under the principles of free competition.
  • Registration and selection of partner companies should be performed with transparent and rational methods under objective and fair criteria.
  • We fully observe the laws and regulations regarding fair trade.
Chapter 5 Basic Ethics of Executives and employees

All executives and employees should perform their duties fairly with right perspective with ethics and pride as HL people, based on the foundation of enterprising and creative HL spirit.

  • All executives and employees have excellent ethics and maintain personal dignity and company’s honor.
  • All executives and employees understand company’s policies, rules, and regulations and their missions, attend to their business with diligence, and handle all business with transparency and fairness.
  • All executives and employees establish their own role models suitable for the rapidly changing age of diversity, and achieve them through continuous self-development.
Chapter 6 Responsibility for Executive and Employees

The company recognizes each staff’s dignity and value as an independent person, evaluates and treats them fairly according to their abilities and accomplishments, and provide aid and educational opportunities for skill development.

  • We respect free suggestion and privacy of executives and employees, and create systematic tools and organizational culture to equip them with pride, fruitfulness, and owner spirit.
  • We evaluate with fair criteria according to the abilities and accomplishments of executives and employees, eliminating discrimination against education, gender, religion, hometown, age, disability, and race.
  • We actively support and form environments to foster executives and employees into voluntary and creative professionals.
  • We conduct educational training regarding sexual abuse prevention and make every effort to prevent in advance.
  • We protect the health of our executives and employees and make effort to provide safe and comfortable working environment.
Chapter 7 Disciplinary Action on the Violation of Code of Ethics
Disciplinary action on the violation of the code of ethics will follow related regulations. Supplementary Provisions
Article 1 Enforcement
The code of Ethics will take effect on May 1, 2011.
Article 2 Subject of Enforcement
The Code of Ethics will be applied to all executives, employees, partners, and all stakeholders.
Article 3 Interpretation and Consultation
When questions or objections arose regarding this Code of Ethics, consult with the Corporate Audit Office and follow the interpretation.
Article 4 Relationships with other regulations
The Code of Ethics, which serves as a foundation of “HL’s Integrity”, takes priority over other regulations of the company. Regarding details, follow the Code of Conduct.
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Code of Conduct
The code of conduct defines detailed standards for the conduct of executives and employees
for effective administration of the code of ethics. All executives and employees must take the code of conduct as their standard for
ethical decision-making and conduct, to establish advanced business culture.
1. Money or Other Valuables as Bribe
  • For any reason, taking or giving money or other valuables, such as cash, products, membership, or flight ticket, from or to stakeholders is prohibited.
  • Expenditure for congratulations and condolences should not exceed customary standard.
  • Simple gifts, such as wreaths or potted plants, for promotion, promotional transfer of inauguration are permitted.
  • For fair business, giving or taking bribe such as cash loans, guarantee of bank loans, security provision with stakeholder is prohibited.
  • If received a bribe against one’s will, he or she must return it immediately. When having difficulties in returning, report to the Corporate Audit Office.
2. Receiving or providing Entertainment
  • Receiving entertainment from stakeholders or providing stakeholders entertainment should be limited to customary standard.
  • Receiving free rounds of golf from stakeholders is prohibited.
  • Regardless of cost, receiving entertainment considered indecent by social norms is prohibited.
3. Accepting Bribes of Convenience
  • Accepting convenient services paid by stakeholders, such as transportation and accommodation, is prohibited.
  • Accepting convenient services, such as transportation, accommodation, and other services, from stakeholders for company’s events including department retreats and guild activities is prohibited.
4. Fair Performance of Duties
  • Unfair performance of duties due to regionalism, kinship, and school relations is prohibited.
  • Managers cannot command employees to manipulate documents or counts. If commanded to do so, the subordinate personnel should refuse or report to Upright Management Office. In addition, upon the finding of mistakenly caused errors in document or counts, he or she must immediately report to the manager and correction should be made.
  • When executing company budget, the budget should be properly used for its purpose and rules. It cannot be used for personal reasons that are unrelated to company affairs.
  • Personally using company’s asset or information or taking personal advantage through them is prohibited.
  • Regardless of the intention, leaking company secrets, internal information, and information gained from performing duties without permission is prohibited.
  • Accepting offers of hiring, employment or business opportunities after leaving the company is prohibited.
5. Work Ethics of Executives and Employees
  • Incurring business loss through neglecting duties or shirking duty of care is not permitted.
  • Disgracing the company by promiscuous behaviors or poor performance is not permitted.
  • Damaging the unity of the company by creating and circulating false rumors and by improper workplace etiquette is not allowed.
  • Improper behaviors that hurt employers, colleagues, and subordinate personnel, such as swearing, slandering, negative prejudice, threatening language, glaring, and improper gifts, are prohibited.
  • Humiliating or disgusting others through sexual harassment is prohibited.
6. Observing Code of Ethics (Code of Conduct) and Reporting Unethical Behaviors
  • Executives and employees should voluntarily observe the code of ethics to establish transparent and fair company culture.
  • Executives and employees should fully understand the code of ethics and, when necessary, conduct an education training.
  • Executives and employees should refuse, if they received orders that violate the code of ethics from their superiors.
  • Upon realizing one’s own or others’ violation of the code of ethics, report to Upright Management Office.
  • Disclosing the identity of reporter or alleger of violation of the ethics is strictly prohibited. Reporters should not be disadvantaged on personnel matters.
  • Disciplinary action on the violation of the code of ethics will follow Article 18 of inspection regulations.
Supplementary Provisions
The Code of Conduct will take effect on May 1, 2011.
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Reporting Process

제보접수 아이콘
Filing reports
  • You may report a case under your name or anonymously to the online Ethics Hotline. When reporting anonymously, you can insert an authentication number, which will then be used when you check the results of your report.
  • You may report a case to the Jeong-do Management Office via telephone, fax, mail, or mobile applications.
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How to Check the Results of Your Report
  • Your report will be processed and investigated in an appropriate manner, guaranteeing the greatest possible protection for informants. It may take some time for us to give you a reply as your report will be reviewed by the relevant departments and people implicated.
조사개시 아이콘
Start of the Investigation
  • The investigation begins after we confirm the plan, including the number of people involved and the time required for the investigation.
  • We inspect reports in the order we receive them. The time needed for each case may vary depending on the people subject to the investigation and the scope of the matter.
조사완료 아이콘
Completion of the Investigation
  • The investigation is complete when we find objective evidence proving that the allegation made is in fact true.
종결 아이콘
Termination of the Investigation
  • When the investigation is over, we terminate the case after which disciplinary action will be taken following the internal regulations.
처리결과 확인 아이콘
Checking of the Result
  • We provide feedback to the informant in the View My Report menu.

Informant Protection System

  • Confidentiality Obligation
  • Accordingly, all employees in the Jeong-do Management Office must sign an NDA.
Obligation to Prohibit
  • No one will be subject to disadvantageous treatment, such as unfair personal, administrative, and/or economic actions, on the basis of reporting wrongful practices.
Reduction of Responsibility
  • The responsibility of voluntary informants may be reduced in consideration of the degree of misconduct, everyday attitude at work, and expression of specific moral regret of his/her actions.
  • We guarantee strict confidentiality of informants who have shown regret and have earned the opportunity to start anew by making voluntary reports.
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