Ideal Employee

People are our PRIDE

Ideal candidate Desired by HL Holdings

The Ideal candidate that HL Holdings wants, is a talented person who wants to grow into global first class with the best performace by creating the synergy through the collaboration with colleague (Team) and having pride as a member of HL Group by creating core value such as “Jeong-do management’, ‘frontier’ and ‘cooperation’.

Ppeople are the pride

Being people of HL is our pride. HL holdings members are our pride.

  • SPIRIT “The way we think”

    We have DNA that has overcome
    no matter what difficulty was .
    • Pride and Trust
    • Basics and Principle (Jungdo(正道))
    • Persistent Challenging Spirit Tenacious spirit of challenge
    • Desperation for the new a spirit of challenge to novelty
  • TEAM“The way we work”

    Compete fairly and
    through cooperation
    • Creation of synergy
    • Grow together with the best colleague
    • Passionate competition
    • Leadership based communication
  • FIRST CLASS “The way we achieve”

    We should challenge for better future
    With the pride of being first class.
    • Ultimate Goal
    • To get better
    • To win in the competition
    • Recognition and treatment of the first class

People Philosophy

HL Holding aims at T.E.A.M.S, the human administration philosophy, which makes its people
create the value pursuing the higher goal through the clear and practical action together with great colleague.
HL Holdings aims to create value by pursuing higher goals through clear and practical actions with great colleagues, T.E.A.M.S.

The TEAMS T:We grow up Together, 우리는 함께 성장 합니다 / E:With Excellent players,우리는 훌륭한 동료들과 함께 합니다 / A:to Aim higher, 우리는 더 높은 목표를 지향합니다 / M:and Make it happen,그리고 어려운 상황에서도 반드시 이루어 낼 것입니다 / S:through the Simple & practical, 그러기 위해서 간결하고 실용적으로 행동합니다 이미지 확대