Introduction of Major Job

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Management Support

The management support is responsible for coordinating various business activities for the achievement of the
company's vision and sustainable management. We establish mid-to-long-term business strategies and goals for the company
and support financial management to achieve them, as well as support for all employees to work in an optimal working environment.

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Job details introduction

Management Planning

Responsible for establishing the company's vision and goals, establishing an execution strategy to achieve them, and innovating. In addition, we analyze the internal and external economy and automobile industry to predict the global business environment and establish mid-to-long-term strategies based on this.

Financial Accounting

In order to realize the company's profit creation and corporate value maximization, it is responsible for business performance analysis and management, funding and operation, audit report issuance, IR, etc.


Responsible for the efficient management and operation of human resources. Specifically, it is responsible for recruitment and assignment of new employees, organizational system and job management, and evaluation, compensation, and promotion of employees.

Safety Environment

We support employees to work in a safe and pleasant environment, realize environmental management and safety management, and take charge of administrative and general affairs.

“The ability to constantly learn about people and management and to think about a better tomorrow is important.”

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