Growth and Culture

We work with the trust and the autonomy, and we prove it with the Performance and the growth.

The Way HL Holding Works

  • Freedom


    Everyone who works for HL Holdings works as a “Professional.” 
    All members work together autonomously as expert.
    We can work everywhere and challenge no matter what.
  • Trust


    Trust and commitment are the most important for HL Holdings.  
    We fulfill responsibility under the spirit of “Jeong-do(正道)" and,
    Disclose all the information transparently.   
    We trust each other as a professional and take the responsibility with the consequence.
  • Performance


    For the bolder challenge, greater consequence, and better tomorrow, HL Holdings consider.
    We consider about the contribution of me and my colleague together and
    Provide the differentiated reward for the great challenge. 


HL Holdings pursues open communication.
  • Through regular town hall meeting, all members of the company discuss the direction of the organization together
  • Major decision making and all management meetings are open to anyone online.
  • We operate a number of councils and conferences to create a desirable working environment and protect worker’s rights and interest.  
  • The members can propose and challenge new businesses by organizing regular unit voluntarily.
  • We run Team David, the council for new challenge of the group and for the concerns of “Young & New”. 


The members of HL Holdings work together with the colleagues and consider seriously about “Growth” and “Contribution”.

  • Performance Evaluation
    Permanent Growth-oriented
    Performance Management
    Greater rewards for the new challenges
  • Evaluation of Business Contribution
    Multi-dimensional evaluation
    about the business
  • Evaluation of Organizational Contribution
    Multi-faceted assessment of
    positive influence
    within an organization.
  • Competence Diagnosis
    Support the growth
    as a professional

Ground Rules for Work Anywhere

ground rules for work Anywhere images_01 ground rules for work Anywhere images_02 ground rules for work Anywhere images_03
  1. First, We have a duty to be connected and the right to be disconnected.

  2. Second, Let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.

  3. Third, The meeting should guarantee the performance as much as the colleagues’ time.  
    Observe the minimum principle by arriving in advance.

  4. Fourth, Work where you can work

  5. Fifth, Work with trust and autonomy and prove it with performance.